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Scroll down to search for your medical issue. These are educational videos which are not meant to provide medical advice. You must speak to your doctor about medical advice. Choose videos which correspond to conditions that you may have. This is a live project with updates being done regularly, so check back for new content.


Diabetes Mellitus, Prediabetes

Overview of diabetes .


HYPOthyroidism, Fatigue

For patients with symptoms of hypothyroidism and/or on medications levothyroxine, Synthroid, Armour, Unithroid, liothyronine, Tirosint, Levoxyl, Cytomel.


HYPERthyroidism, Thyroiditis

For patients with symptoms of HYPERthyroidism of any cause and/or on medications methimazole or PTU.


Thyroid nodules

For patients with thyroid nodules..


Thyroid Cancer recent diagnosis on FNA biopsy

For patients with a recent diagnosis of thyroid cancer on FNA biopsy.


Osteoporosis, Osteopenia

For patients with fractures, osteoporosis or risk for osteoporosis.


Pituitary disease or pitutiary tumors

For patients with pituitary disease


High blood calcium or hyperparathyroidism

For patients with high blood calcium or parathyroid issue.